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My savings

These are the net savings you have made on purchases with discounted gift cards & cashback offers.

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Offer alerts

These are notifications about offers & deals from top brands you might be interested in.

Choose where you get notified


Sent on your registered mail

Invite friends

Invite friends & family to Super Saver Store. Gift them the access to exclusive deals and discounted gift vouchers.

How it works?

  1. Add your friend’s email id to “Invited friends” and click on Send Now. You can invite up to 4 users.
  2. Invite email will be sent to your friend’s email with log in details (link to access Super Saver Store).
  3. Super Saver Store access to invited users expires in 30 days. After which, you will see an option to resend the invite link to the given email id.

Invited friends

Admin dashboard

Get an overview of the total usage of the perks store by your users.

Savings trend on Super Saver Store

Showing data for the net savings made on discounted gift cards and the number of orders placed over the last 12 months.

Order table

You can export the view of orders placed by the users to get insights on the products purchased, no of orders, order value and net savings per order.

Customer email Product name Order value (INR) Net savings (INR)