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Rs. 440.00 Rs. 500.00
Validity: 6 Months
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Gift card will be delivered through e-mail on the above contact details.

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Gift card will be delivered through e-mail on the above contact details.

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Redemption Instructions
  1. Visit the website at
  2. Choose the product of your choice and click on ‘Add to Cart’
  3. At the check - out payment page, select the e-pay option. Enter your mobile no. followed by OTP for entering the woggles e-Pay Gift Voucher (GV)
  4. Click on the ‘Add Gift Vouchers to your e-Pay Balance’. Your e-Pay GVs will be listed there. You can manually enter the e-Pay GV by clicking ‘Add Gift Voucher Manually’. You can pay for the balance amount, if any, by using any of the available payment modes.
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Terms and Condition
1. This is a Woggles Gift Voucher (GV)/Gift Card (GC) and will be accepted on the website at
2. The person having the GV/GC is deemed to be the beneficiary.
3. Only valid GV/GC at the sole discretion of Woggles shall be accepted for redemption.
4. Multiple GV/GCs can be used against one bill.
5. Partial redemption is allowed but no refund or credit note would be issued against an unused or partially used GV/GC. Any unused amount shall remain as e-Pay balance which can be utilized till the balance gets exhausted or expires.
6. GV/GC cannot be revalidated once expired and cannot be canceled under any circumstances.
7. Woggles/Vouchagram are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen GV/GCs.
8. GV/GCs are non-refundable, may not be exchanged, transferred, or resold, and may not be redeemed for cash.
9. Woggles make full efforts to accept GV/GC but on account of any technical/administrative reasons may refuse to accept the same.
10. If GV/GC gets blocked on account of a technical issue, it will get activated in 72 hours.
11. Any dispute should be referred to the company from where the GV/GC has been received, the decision of the company shall be final.
12. For any queries/issues related to GV/GC, raise a request at