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Rs. 238.75 Rs. 250.00
Validity: 6 Months
Redemption Instructions
  1. Gift Card can be redeemed for any product at pantaloons stores across in India.

We live in a country that likes to celebrate its occasions by gifting. If Diwali is not fast approaching then your anniversary surely is. We are forever bound by the challenge of how to top up last year present? This is where Pantaloons Gift cards make an entry  gifting should be a joy for the receiver as much as for the shopper. You can gift them to your loved ones and be assured that they will love treating themselves to their favourite things! Our gift cards are the perfect gift to give. Mission surprise and delight, completed.

Terms and Condition
1. Gift Card can be redeemed for any product at pantaloons stores across in India.
2. Gift Card is not valid at shop-in-shops & on jewelry. It valid only Offline.
3. Partial redemption is possible in Gift card.
4. Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash or cheque
5. Gift Card shall be deemed active upon loading of a minimum amount of Rs.500/-.
6. Once activated, this card can be reloaded for a minimum value of Rs.100/- at any Pantaloons store or online at
7. No duplicate will be issued if this GC is lost or misplaced.
8. Gift Card is valid for 1 year from the date of issue.
9. Mutilated or defaced Gift card/s will not be honored.
10. Maximum 1 e-Gift Voucher can be clubbed against 1 billing on brand website & maximum 10 e-Gift Vouchers can be clubbed against 1 billing at brand store. 
11. Gift card can be clubbed during sales period.
12. The holder of this voucher is deemed to be the beneficiary.
13. Any dispute should be referred to any company and decision of the company shall be final.
14. Litigation, if any, is subject to jurisdiction of courts in Mumbai.
15. Gift cards cannot be extended /cannot issue new Gift cards post expiry.
16. Responsibility of Accentiv shall be limited only upto the delivery of Gift Card to the final customer.
17. Accentiv shall not be responsible for any misuse, theft, transfer, etc. occurred after delivery of the said Gift Card.