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Rs. 475.00 Rs. 500.00
Validity: 6 Months
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Gift card will be delivered through e-mail on the above contact details.

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  1. Visit Mamaearth -
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  3. Customer adds the vouchers to the E-Pay balance or can input the voucher details manually
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Discover Mamaearth, the personal care brand that champions honesty, embraces nature's goodness and ensures safety in every product. Mama Earth is an expert in crafting safe, natural, and toxin-free baby and personal care products. The brand is certified cruelty-free by PETA.? With Mama Earth Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers Choose from over 200 products across categories like hair, skin, body, and baby care - all packed with nature?s goodness.
Terms and Condition
1. This is a Mamaearth Gift Voucher (GV)/e-Pay and is valid only at (website). It cannot be returned/refunded once issued.
2. The holder of the Mamaearth GV/e-Pay is deemed to be the beneficiary.
3. The GV can be converted into e-Pay, as per convenience of the holder.
4. Multiple GVs can be combined and added to the e-Pay balance. No additional offer can be clubbed with the GV/e-Pay redemption.
5. Only valid Mamaearth GVs/e-Pay, at the sole discretion of Mamaearth, shall be accepted for redemption.
6. The Mamaearth e-Pay balance must be linked to the registered mobile number.
7. The Mamaearth GV/e-Pay cannot be transferred to another e-Pay account, exchanged for cash/ Mama Cash, or any other form of currency.
8. The Mamaearth GV/e-Pay can be used for eligible purchases of products and services at the Mamaearth website. GV/ e-Pay is not applicable at the offline stores.
9. Mamaearth GV/e-Pay cannot be revalidated once it expires.
10.The validity of the e-Pay shall match that of the GV from which it was converted.
11. Mamaearth, GyFTR, or its affiliates shall not be responsible if the beneficiary shares the GV number, pin, or account credentials resulting in unauthorized use of the GV/e-Pay balance.
12. Mamaearth GV/e-Pay cannot be redeemed on specific block-out dates. Mamaearth reserves the right to add or delete any date at its sole discretion.
13. In case of a technical issue leading to the blockage of Mamaearth GV/e-Pay, it shall be reactivated within 72 hours.
14. Any dispute should be referred to the company from where the Mamaearth GV/e-Pay has been received, and the company s decision shall be final.
15. Mamaearth or GyFTR may terminate or suspend Mamaearth GV/e-Pay if any fraudulent or unauthorized activities are detected.
16. Mamaearth or GyFTR reserves the right to modify or update the terms and conditions of the Mamaearth GV/e-Pay at any time.
17. For any queries/issues related to Mamaearth GV/e-Pay, please raise a request at