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Rs. 194.00 Rs. 200.00
Validity: 6 Months
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Gift card will be delivered through e-mail on the above contact details.

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Redemption Instructions
Visit Khadims Stores-
Showcase the EGV to store manager
Remaining amount apart from EGV amount to be paid to cashier at store
Khadims Shoes  is an iconic brand in the domain of footwear essentials which serves not just metros,capitals but also Tier-2 and Tier-3 towns especially in East. The Kolkata-based Khadim India Ltd is the second largest footwear retailer in lndia in terms of exclusive stores-800.
Khadims has a tagline –“Affordable fashion for everyone” and it caters to all category of footwear without a price tag that gets too high.
Terms and Condition
  1. This EGV can be redeemed at outlets of Khadims - This EGV is valid for upto 6 months from the date of issue. This EGV cannot be used in online website.
  2. Do inform the cashier for EGV usage.
  3. On redeeming E-Gift Voucher,the user has to pay the remaining amount via rest pay-modes
  4. E-Gift Voucher is redeemable on all days of the week.
  5. This EGV is for Single Use Partial redemption is not allowed. Kindly ensure EGV amount is used in full as any remaining amount left cannot be used again.
  6. Upto 10 EGV's can be clubbed in single Invoice.
  7. This EGV can be clubbed with existing offers.
  8. Refund of money against the voucher will not be entertained.
  9. KHADIM INDIA LIMITED (Khadims) will not replace or reimburse the value of your EGV if it’s lost, stolen, damaged or expired.
  10. For any query or issue in redeeming voucher user can write to, Call: 1800-103-0501
  11. Responsibility of Accentiv shall be limited only up to the delivery of EGV to the final customer.